A Sweet Innovation: A New Standard Sweetener for Breads


Sugar is an important functional ingredient in baking breads. However, some of the available sugars in the market may have inconsistent quality and unstable pricing due to different conditions of harvest and production. On the other hand, food manufacturers are trying to develop new products to address these issues. With the help of HAMBURG Trading Corporation, one solution for the bakery industry is Cargill‘s Baking Syrup Gold.

Baking Syrup Gold is a special blend of sweeteners that can replace refined white sugar in breads. It is a 1:1 substitution of the white sugar in most dough recipes. This product can add more value to breads compared with the white sugar. Here are the benefits of using Baking Syrup Gold:

Enhances the softness and moistness of breads even several days after baking

Sugar can help in the overall softness and moistness of breads. However, one of its limitations is retaining the moisture inside the bread for longer period of time to keep it soft and fresh. Baking Syrup Gold can help retain the moistness and softness of bread longer than refined sugar.

Helps control the browning of the crust

Want that crunchy looking yet not burnt crust on your pan de sal? With Baking Syrup Gold, it’s easier to control the browning of the crust without compromising the “doneness” of the bread.

Has the same sweetness as refined sugar with a very subtle vanilla note

Baking Syrup will not alter the sweetness of your baked breads and can even enhance the overall sensory profile of the finished product.

Designed to work well with yeast

Yeast is another important ingredient in bread-making, especially in proofing the dough. However, some sugar alternatives in the market may not be compatible with yeast and affect the fermentation process. Cargill developed Baking Syrup Gold to work with yeast as well as refined sugar.

Has more stable pricing than white sugar

Lastly, Baking Syrup Gold addresses the pricing issue of the usual sugars. As it is manufactured with more price stable raw materials, you don’t have to think about price fluctuations on sugars anymore. It can help stabilize the pricing for your baked breads too.

With the continuous innovations of manufacturers like Cargill, the food industry has surely a bright future ahead, making new ways to give more affordable goods to the end-consumers while not sacrificing quality.

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