An EGG-citing Project: Elevating Egg Powders in the Philippines

The Opportunities in the Industry

Egg powders have been gaining popularity for use in several segments of the food industry. Egg powders come in three major types: whole egg powder, egg yolk powder, and egg white powder. Each type has further variations which cater to specific functions, depending on the application.

Egg white powder high whip is usually used in the bakery industry, while egg white powder high gel is typically used in the processed meat industry. Egg yolk powder may be used in fillings, dressings, and doughs. Whole egg powder may be used in processed meat applications. Though some manufacturers still use fresh eggs, most are now looking at egg powders as a possible alternative.

The ease of storage and longer shelf life of egg powders, as well as cost-competitiveness, are some of the factors why projects involving egg powders are interesting for manufacturers to develop. This is a great solution to those who are looking for fresh eggs alternative, eliminating problems with cost, handling, and logistics.

Reshaping the Egg Powders Supply in the Philippines

HAMBURG Trading Corporation has partnered with Bouwhuis Enthoven, one of the biggest processed egg manufacturers in the world, to bring good quality egg powder supply to the Philippine market.

HAMBURG Trading’s Food Sales Division has started a project on replacing fresh eggs with whole egg powder in burger patties with one of its processed meat clients. With the expertise of the R&D team, the team has formulated a recipe, produced prototypes, and made a costing for burger patties with whole egg powder. This was presented to the client and got favorable results upon initial evaluation. The customer conducted sensory evaluations and a feasibility study for this project.

The team is now in the talks of a further shelf-life studies as the results are promising, and the possibility of a commercial order is within reach. The success of this project can help other processed meat manufacturers who have trouble with fresh egg supply, handling, and storage.

An Innovative Future

There have been consistent problems in using fresh eggs, especially with the changes brought by the pandemic. By bringing in quality egg powders in the country, it would reduce cost and make handling, storage, and logistics easier while not sacrificing quality. This gives food manufacturers less problems to think about and more time to innovate products.

With these pioneering efforts in product development using egg powders, local food manufacturing companies see a new light in using one of the industry’s most important ingredients — surely, an exciting project to keep track with. To know more about our Egg Powders, please contact our Food Sales Division at (+632) 8876 88390 to 98, or you may send your inquiries to

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