Fun games and tan lines — these were only two of the most memorable things that HAMBURG Trading Corp employees remember about the company’s outing last May 10-11, 2019. The event had the theme, Luau Party, perfect for the beautiful beach paradise of Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu Batangas.

It was a time for laughter and infinite chances to bond with each other. It was a truly a great reward for everyone’s hard work and an irresistible moment for everybody to just relax and forget about work for a little while.

Refreshments greeted the employees as soon as they arrived at the venue followed by a bonding-filled lunch by the beach side — a perfect picture of how relaxing the day was.

The event committee prepared a few group games played by the employees after lunch. The HAMBURG Trading family was divided into four different groups consisted of employees from different departments. There was a mini-cheering competition and different fun games like “Pass the Message With a Twist” and “Tableu” that left everyone with big smiles and numb jaws of happiness.

After the games, all the employees were then given a free time to roam around and enjoy the scenery and different activities that Club Punta Fuego offers. Some played beach volleyball, some rode the banana boat, some played basketball at the club’s basketball court, some took advantage of the great scenery to get cool IG photos, and some just relaxed at the beach side.

During the night, everyone arrived wearing their Hawaiian-inspired outfit.  A satisfying buffet dinner was prepared for everyone to enjoy. It started with an opening remark from President Lenie Bermudez followed by HAMBURG Trading chairman, Horst Kessler von Sprengeisen.

One of the highlights of the night was the Mr. and Ms. Luau competition. Beforehand, each group was tasked to assign two pairs to compete for the said pageant. Pairs strutted the “catwalk” wearing their best Luau inspired outfits and gave their best to impress the audience during the self introduction portion.  Some decided to throw quirky knock-knock jokes or pick up lines to their partners while others prepared a Hawaiian inspired dance. Newly hired employees of 2019 also prepared a dance performance to spice up the event. Dancing to the beat of “Kiss Me, Kiss Me” made everyone want to stand up and join in which gave everyone more of the summer vibe. 2018 hired employees were asked to join the dance as well. After the performance, everyone did not let go of the opportunity to take great photos of the beautifully-decorated venue.

The night ended with a bonfire where everyone gathered to enjoy each other’s company and to play one last game before calling it a day. The event committees prepared a “Pitch Perfect-inspired” singing game where everyone’s separated into their respective groups again. The basic rule of the game was the event committees will give a specific word or category then each group will have to sing a song that contains that word or category.

It was unforgettable for every one to end the night seeing everybody was in one place laughing, sharing stories, and just enjoying each others company.

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