The substantial spread of COVID-19 virus, particularly in enclosed and public spaces paved the way for inexpensive types of portable filters with claims that may do more harm than good. But here’s the truth:

Myth: HEPA filters can capture pathogens of all particle sizes (virus, bacteria, spores, etc.).

Fact: HEPA filters are rated to capture 99.97% of 0.3-micron size particles only

Recent studies, wherein COVID-19 particles were observed using electron microscopy (EM), show that the actual virus size is between .067 to .08 microns.

To protect everyone from viruses such as COVID-19, a preventive solution must be in place. What comes to mind is a single pass-thru device that provides clean air in our breathing zones and at the same time kills all kinds of pathogens rather than just filtering them out. This is what makes illumiPure’s Air Guardian standout.

illumiPure’s Air Guardian is an air purification solution that helps reduce the risk of airborne pathogens. With its high integrity fixtures and state-of-the-art application, IllumiPure’s Air Guardian treats pathogens at their source with a dual-modality solution; thus, achieving the highest standard LED surface disinfection and continuous air purification. illumiPure’s Air Guardian has been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces making it perfect to be installed in offices, hospitals, clinics, and classrooms.

To know more about illumiPure’s Air Guardian, you may send your inquiries to reagents@hamburgtradingcorp.com.

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