Everyone in the Research and Development field would agree that laboratories should be clean at all times. This is why, aside on surfaces, microbiological testing in the air is a vital part of any laboratory’s operations.   Micro-organisms in the air can be suspended for a certain period of time and might contaminate vulnerable manufacturing operations, specially in the food industry. Hence, an effective air sampler has become a laboratory staple.

Arguably the most precise, most reliable, and most cost-effective air sampler system available today, the MAS-100 NT® is a solution you can rely on to detect any airborne micro-organisms which may be hazardous to your products. This high-precision air sampler system is very easy to handle, delivers correct and reproducible results, and fully complies with the EN ISO 14698 standard parts 1 and 2.

For 2021, after getting quite a number of requests and comments, the MAS-100 NT® Promo has been extended until November.

Extended_2021_MAS100NT-promo flyer- final-01

For additional information or to schedule a product demo at your facility, feel free to send our Reagents Team an inquiry at reagents@hamburgtradingcorp.com.

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