HAMBURG Trading Corporation has been in the trading industry for more than 50 years. Distributing quality cocoa powder for several years to various manufacturers, it has played a big part in molding the company’s very first in-house brand, KESSLER’S. Therefore, in celebration with Earth day, HAMBURG Trading Corporation and KESSLER’S are giving back to our local cacao seedling growers.

Last April 28, 2019, the HAMBURG Trading team visited a local cacao seedling grower located at Brgy. Kay-Anlog in Calamba City, Laguna. It helped the team to further understand the story and hardships of the local cacao seedling growers in the country.

Mr. Manuel Carpio, president and founder of Agro Power Philippines and the strategic planning officer (Luzon) of Plantacion de Sikwate, welcomed the HAMBURG team. The team of Mr. Carpio targets to start a training camp for local cacao farmers. This undertaking aims to help farmers gain more knowledge on cultural management, pest management, as well as propagating and processing their harvest.

The Plantacion de Sikwate is another association that helps support farmers by offering a link among cacao seedling growers and possible customers and buyers. They produce natural organic fertilizers that they distribute to cacao farmers.

During the visit, the team was introduced to Rizalino Paz, a cacao seedling grower who is one of the suppliers of bud stick or grafted branch. Rizalino mainly grows Criollo cocoa plant, a variety that is sweeter and has white seeds compared to hybrid ones.

HAMBURG Trading's Cacao Planting Activity

Continuing its cacao planting initiative, the company visited another cocoa farm in Lemery, Batangas last July 7, 2019, spearheaded by Gianna Kessler, VP for Marketing and PR of HAMBURG Trading Corp, to plant 20 Criollo cacao seedlings. The team was guided once more by Mr. Manuel Carpio of Plantacion de Sikwate. Mr. Leo Aliling, member of Plantacion de Sikwate and president of Lemery chapter, was also present to assist the HAMBURG team.

The visit started with a farm tour. The HAMBURG team was introduced to different types of Criollo cacao seedlings that are being grown by Mr, Aliling. Mr. Carpio also discussed the dos and don’ts of growing a Criollo cacao plant. After knowing more about the different Criollo cocoa seedlings and its different colors, the HAMBURG team was given a chance to taste a freshly picked Criollo cocoa pod to complete the team’s cacao farming experience.

Cacao budding

The 20 Criollo seedlings are now under the care of Mr. Aililing. The HAMBURG team was advised to visit the planted seedlings after 6 months to check on the progress of the Criollo seedlings.

In return of the profit gained by the cocoa plantation, it will be used to help its farmers to buy materials that are needed in the farm. HAMBURG Trading Corporation will also finance the growing and monitoring of Cacao seedlings after the plantation.

In the long run, HAMBURG Trading, together with KESSLER’S, aims to contribute towards the sustainable economic and social development of our local cacao farmers nationwide.

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