Last February 15 – 17, HAMBURG Trading Corporation, together with its new in-house brand, KESSLER’S, joined FCBAI’s Bakery Fair 2019 held at the World Trade Center. This is the second grand fair that the company joined this year after the Mindanao’s Cake Decorating Society’s Family Fun Fair and General Assembly in Davao last January 20, 2019.

For this year’s Bakery Fair theme, the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. (FCBAI) chose “Newer. Better. Healthier,” showcasing new ways how the baking community can innovate and give healthy options through the help of over 170 exhibitors during the event. The theme derived from the preferences of the current biggest market, the millennials. Making up one third of the current population, the millennial market prefers fresh over processed food, exotic rather than usual, snacks over regular meals, and health over everything else.

Bakery Fair 2019

Adapting to these identified changing consumption patterns, HAMBURG Trading Corporation had the opportunity to introduce KESSLER’S to the bigger audience through the Bakery Fair. Chocolate fudgy brownies made with KESSLER’S Alkalized Cocoa Powder were given as free taste to all visitors who passed by the booth. Responses from customers proved the quality of this new product as there were already more than 100 500g packs sold during the 3-day event. Reviews and comments from delighted customers from the Bakery Fair can be seen on the KESSLER’S Official Facebook page.

Visitors representing different pastry manufacturing companies in the country also joined the event, which paved the way for HAMBURG Trading Corp to showcase its other existing offerings from its global partners. Product samples like shortening and glucose from Cargill, buttermilk and skimmed milk powders from DairyGold, and some microbiology systems demo units from Merck were also exhibited during the event.

HAMBURG Booth at Bakery Fair 2019HAMBURG at Bakery Fair 2019













 Thousands of bread and cake lovers, home bakers, and entrepreneurs from all over the Philippines visited the recent Bakery Fair. This number shows how the baking industry in the country is consistently growing and will continue to grow for the next years to come.


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