On May 23 – 25, 2018, HAMBURG Trading Corporation joined the 21st Dairy Congress and Expo, which was held in Tagbilaran, Bohol, to promote one of its products, Indcresa’s cocoa powder.

Why cocoa powder during a dairy expo? The very first deciding factor was that chocolate and milk really make up a great combination. This idea didn’t disappoint us. Aside from the fact that Bohol is now being groomed as the country’s dairy capital, dairy farmers and manufacturers not only from the Bohol region were present during the event, but also from around the country. These dairy farmers and manufacturers are already producing milk chocolate products like the chocomilk drink, and we arrived just in time to supply the cocoa powders they need.

During the Dairy Congress, we realized that having a limited option for cocoa powder is really becoming a challenge for them. Aside from only having small packets available in malls and baking depots, they are also limited to the brands available in the market. Through promoting Indcresa’s cocoa powder, they now have a variety of options from Indcresa’s wide array of cocoa powder profiles. This could help them find the ideal cocoa powder specifications they need for their products.

Free Cocoa Drink Samples given by HAMBURG during the event

HAMBURG Trading Corporation also gave samples of cocoa powder through pre-mixed cocoa drinks. This is to give visitors the idea on how Indcresa’s cocoa powder can coincide with other ingredients to make an exceptional product.

The event had approximately 300+ visitors from all over the country, including representatives of government and non-government agencies like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) respectively. On the last day of the event, the venue was opened to the public, and an optional tour at Ubay Stock Farm was organized for the event exhibitors and attendees.

Photo of DairyCon attendees

Erik and Cory explaining our Indcresa's Cocoa Powder to one of our visitors


We saw that more than business opportunities in the dairy industry, HAMBURG Trading Corporation can help local farmers and manufacturers grow their businesses by creating export-quality products that will also increase business revenues by offering consistent quality cocoa powders.

The Dairy Congress and Expo is a roving annual event organized by the Dairy Confederation of the Philippines that invites companies, manufacturers, and farmers that may help the dairy economy of the Philippines grow.


HAMBURG Trading Team having picture shot with visitors during the DairyCon 2018From right – Cory Josue, Gianna Kessler von Sprengeisen, Erik Frasco, Irene Gutierrez, Ricky Potot, booth visitors

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