Adding to the current safety and health precautions of HAMBURG Trading, more than 90% of company’s employees are already fully vaccinated as of October 12, 2021. With the help of Sta. Rosa Laguna local Health Office, the second dose of the vaccination of more than half of the employees was held at the Sta. Rosa Sports Complex while the rest were vaccinated at their own time in their local areas of residency. 

Sta. Rosa Vaccination Site
HAMBURG employees' first dose

HAMBURG Trading Corp has always prioritized the safety of its employees, customers, business partners, and third-party suppliers, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Internal protocols based on the IATF rules were established as well as the formation of an in-house Health and Safety Committee. Some of these protocols are the regular antigen testing for the frontliners every 14 days and the strategic work from home schedule for all other HAMBURG employees.  

Being in the Food Industry, which is one of the essential industries identified by the IATF, HAMBURG Trading Corp made an early initiative to coordinate with the Sta. Rosa Laguna local Health Office when the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines was announced.

HAMBURG Employees lined up for their second dose
Employees finished with the second dose

To positively encourage everyone to be vaccinated, the company’s Safety Committee has continuous campaigns to show vaccination facts to all employees. These campaigns show good results based on the current number of vaccinated employees versus the initial number of employees who showed willingness to be vaccinated during the first quarter of 2021.

Currently, HAMBURG Trading’s safety protocols are continuously being observed among its employees as well as visiting third party supplies, partners, and customers.

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