Accidents is inevitable. More than the dangers of outdoors, it can also happen in the laboratory, where testing materials can be hazardous when not handled properly. But are you prepared for such incident? How would you manage if this happens? This is where laboratory safety is becoming a buzzword.

HAMBURG Trading Corporation now offers solutions in the event of chemical spills in your workplace through one of its principals, Merck Philippines. SpillSolv®is All-in-One Chemical Spill Treatment Kit useful when keeping laboratory safety in mind. It comes complete with Nitrile Gloves, Safety Goggles, Absorption Pads, Plastic Scoops, Disposable Bags and Chemical Treatment Kits (available: Acid, Caustic, Formaldehyde, Mercury, All-Purpose & Solvent)

Currently, SpillSolv® is bundled with Extran®,the reliable and economical laboratory safety detergent. Its active ingredients are biodegradable, making it environment friendly, as well. Read more about the bundle promo here:

SpillSolv and Extran

It will never hurt to be fully prepared in the laboratory. Safety is a priority.

Any concerns? Our team would like to hear more from you. Feel free to email us at reagents@hamburgtradingcorp.com or discuss with our local representatives to get more details.

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