As our commitment to provide premium quality products and services to our customers, HAMBURG Trading now offers new items in our expanding food raw materials and ingredients portfolio: modified starches, blended thickener, stabilizers, phosphate replacer, sugar replacer for the meat industry and flavored sweetener blend for the baking industry. Together with Cargill Philippines’ Food Ingredients and Bioindustrial Technical Services Manager Michael Pavia, we introduced our latest offerings in January through a roadshow with the leading companies in the meat industry. In his discussion, Mr. Pavia discussed the advantages of these latest products.

Modified Starches

Amongst our latest products, this range has the most options. We have a corn-based modified starch that acts as texturizer for processed meat including sausages, hams, meatballs, and pâté. Based on our research, it’s a good alternative to the commonly used tapioca starch because the end-product has firmer texture, has more elasticity (especially for sausages), and is freeze-thaw stable.

We also have options that are specific for batters and coatings; with texture that ranges from soft to hard crunch. It is best used in fish (such as tempura, fillet, etc.) and meat (i.e. fried chicken) applications becasue it provides excellent adhesion and the batter solution does not significantly thicken even at high solid levels.

Lastly, for this range, is our modified starch that enhances the texture of sauces. Specifically, for tomato-based sauces, this provides a pulpy texture if you want to add another layer to the taste. It is also more stable in terms of quality, supply, and price. Aside from sauces, this is also applicable for jams and beverages.

Sample Product

Blended Thickener 

Primarily, our blended stabilizer is designed to replace animal fat; it is also formulated to stabilize emulsion in meat products. It is a healthier choice because it is vegetable oil, thus less calories and less saturated fats. However, it doesn’t mean that the taste is comprimised. Additionally, it also mimics show fat. It is best applied in poultry emulsified products and Halal requirements. 

Blended Stabilizers

Our blended stabilizer is a cost-saving solution because it binds Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM) into lean meat and provides strong and elastic texture by targeting the protein of the meat, without affecting its flavor. It is best applied in sausages or hotdogs. 

Phosphate Replacer

This non-phosphate solution improves the meat’s texture and water retention capabilities by increasing the pH. It is best applied in marinated meats like pork, chicken, beef, and even seafood. Another great advantage of this new product from HAMBURG is it preserves the flavor by reducing oxidation and makes the meat sweeter. 

Sugar Replacer

This corn-based sugar replacer adds a new taste and mouthful to various applications including sauces, toppings, jams, and beverages.  

Flavored Sweetener Blend

In a separate event, Cargill appointed HAMBURG Trading as distributor of flavored sweetener blend (baking syrup) for the baking industry. This latest innovation is our answer to the ever-growing need of the market for better and more affordable ingredients. In fact, Andreas Kurniawan, Business Development and Market Intelligence Lead of Cargill Indonesia visited us at KESSLER’S KITCHEN recently to introduce baking syrup to some of the country’s biggest players in the baking industry.

Cargill cooking demo

In his presentation, he mentioned that flavored sweetener blend is formulated as sugar replacement specifically for the baking industry. Its blend of sweeteners and flavor functions to make the bread softer, lighter in color, longer in shelf life, and remain moist longer. 

Mr. Kurniawan also pointed out why this flavored sweetener blend is a good replacement for sugar. Since sugar is a commodity, its price is unstable in the market. The opposite applies to flavored sweetener blend, which is more affordable.

During his visit, he was accompanied by Chef Ciptadi Ciptadi, the Regional Technical Supervisor of Cargill to demonstrate how good this baking syrup is. HAMBURG’s R&D Specialist for Baking, Cara Dino assisted Chef Adi in making pandesal and burger buns. Mr. Paulus Felix, the Business Development Associate from Cargill Indonesia also graced the event, encouraging the attendees to try the baking syrup and give their customers a taste of something new.

If you want to know more about these products, send us an email at foodsales@hamburgtradingcorp.com and our Food Sales Department will be more than happy to give you specs or samples.

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