If you’ve been to Santa Rosa, Laguna, you may have noticed a brand new facility sitting on a 7,000-sqm lot at the Meridian Industrial Complex in Barangay Macabling. This is HAMBURG Trading Corporation’s newest space that leads to the different doors of HAMBURG Trading’s operations.

Inside, you’ll find an application lab, 2 blending rooms, and a 200-sqm Kitchen Studio specifically built for HAMBURG Trading’s in-house brands. This demo kitchen will soon be open to clients who have a need for the space. Aside from these, there are also 2 conference rooms, a multi-purpose hall, and a gym available for use of our employees to make sure that they are healthy and active even at work. Everybody knows “in a healthy body lives a healthy spirit.”

The space is also green and eco-friendly, with German solar panels to help us control our electric consumption. Our generator allows us undisturbed functioning of the whole facility as well. The spacious 5,400-sqm warehouse has separate storage sections for our food-related products, non-food products, and re-agents and controlled substances. We also have a state-of-the-art Schaefer racking system, which allows us to store items up to 12-m high. The warehouse is acclimatized and dehumidified to ensure top quality of our products.

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