Trial-and-error is considered part of the process prior to success. This is vital as learning tool in every scientific study to proceed with the experiment. In the same way, this practice is common for every product development and improvement. As much as this imparts first-hand experience of learning, this may hamper the process as it consumes time and takes up much cost during trials. Understanding your ingredients, as they provide functionality, can reduce the time for experimentation. More so, it can lessen the cost of repetitive trials.

In cooperation with Cargill, this FREE webinar will introduce you to the native and modified starches — knowing what their functionalities are and how modification affects their performances on varying operational parameters. This can give you a hint to narrow down your options for your product.

As quality, availability, and price take a big part in food productions, this webinar will also highlight the wonders of the Modified Tapioca Starch (MTS), its types, and its applications to the meat industry catering to frozen, chilled, and retorted products. Learn how these starches can provide texture improvement in meat by offering clean taste, retaining water holding capacity, and improving springiness, firmness, and chewiness/ bite.

The webinar will be held via Zoom on August 19, 2020, from 10AM to 11:30AM PST. 

To know more about the free webinar, contact Don Pangan at 09177107533, or you may email your inquiries to donpangan@hamburgtradingcorp.com.

HAMBURG Trading Corporation offers a wide range of starches, from native to modified starches. These can be used in various food applications such as sauces, retort products, snacks, desserts, meat, noodles, etc. See HAMBURG Trading Corp’s full line of food ingredients here: Food Ingredients and Raw Materials

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