Now focusing on sauce applications, the ultimate starch guide webinar is back to give the food industry better knowledge in maximizing ingredients’ functionalities in product developments. In cooperation with Cargill, HAMBURG Trading Corporation introduced the free webinar previously focused on starches in the meat industry

This free webinar will also highlight the wonders of the newly launched Cargill’s Modified Tapioca Starch (MTS), its types, and its benefits to sauces and other applications, as well as its benefits to production in terms of quality, availability, and price. It will be held via Zoom on September 29 2020, from 10AM to 12PM PST. The Zoom invite will be sent to your email upon registration.

To know more about the free webinar, contact Don Pangan at 09177107533, or you may email your inquiries to donpangan@hamburgtradingcorp.com.

HAMBURG Trading Corporation offers a wide range of starches, from native to modified starches. These can be used in various food applications such as sauces, retort products, snacks, desserts, meat, noodles, etc. See HAMBURG Trading Corp’s full line of food ingredients here: Food Ingredients and Raw Materials








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