On February 19, 2019, the World Women Leadership Congress bestowed HAMBURG Trading President Lenie Bermudez with the Women Super Achiever Award in Mumbai. The award recognizes Ms. Bermudez’s profound role as a leader and decision-maker in “shaping the future of the nation and who embodies the qualities of leadership in displaying active, creative, and integrative efforts in achieving the best possible results in the national development plans.”

Even though Ms. Bermudez was not able to personally receive the award in India, she’s very grateful for the recognition. She reiterated that this is not only for her, but also for HAMBURG Trading. “In my 20 years with HAMBURG, it has always been my intention to continue what Mr. Kessler started and at the same time, grow the business with our principals, clients, and of course, our employees.”

As the first woman President of a 50-year old trading company, Lenie believes that “there are no shortcuts in business. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and innovation,” the same qualities that she always imparts to her employees and colleagues. According to her, this is such a wonderful surprise because it coincides with the celebration of the International Women’s Month.

The World Women Leadership Congress (WWLC) is an organization that “honors the strategic and influential roles of women leaders in the development of modern economy, technology, and administrative methodologies that promote the government and business organization according to the standards of global competitiveness.”

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