Health Ingredients


Plant sterols and plant sterol esters help to lower down the risk of cardio-vascular diseases by reducing the body’s absorption of cholesterol. We have plant sterol esters in oil form, which can be applied in beverages (juices, milk, milk tea), yogurt, creamers, margarine, butter, and other oil-based spreads. We also offer plant sterol esters in powder form, which is water dispersible. Applications include beverages (juices, milk, milk tea), yogurt, and
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) helps in weight management and fat loss. It helps in increasing the lean body mass and prevents weight regain. This can be applied to nutrition bars, oils and spreads, cereals, snacks, beverages (fruit-based drinks, milk, soy milk, coffee drinks, and soft gel capsules.

Imported from: Europe
Pack size:
Plant sterols: Powder-type – 15kg bag in box; oil form – 25kg plastic drums and 180kg steel
CLA: 10kg bag in box