Laboratory Products

Industrial Microbiology

Membrane Filtration set up

A reliable, complete set-up for membrane filtration that mainly consists of membrane filter, prepared media in plate, liquid media in ampoule

Granulated culture media

Culture media that meet the highest industry performance standard for the food and beverage industry


An automatic device used for the homogenization of food enrichment samples

Contact slides and plates

Ready-to- use media for microbial testing of flat and curved surfaces

Dips & Swabs Test Kits

Test kits used to simplify routine microbiological analysis of surfaces for bioburden levels of bacteria, yeast, or mold.


A line of rapid test systems for the detection of pathogens in food

HY-LiTE® System

A fast, reliable, and easy-to- use ATP and biological residue rapid detection system.


Color hygiene test strips for assessing cleanliness of surfaces

MAS-100 NT®

Fully validated and ISO14698 compliant air sampler.

MAS-100 CG Ex®

The only compressed gas microbial air sampler approved for use in Zone 2 explosion hazard areas – for safe, easy, and accurate compressed gas sampling.

MAS-100 Eco®

A microbial air sampler used for sterile environments and high risk food production areas

MC-Media Pads

Color-coded culture media pads that are designed for convenient, reliable, and rapid enumeration of microbial contamination in food and beverage products.

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