is a one-of-a-kind effervescent tablet product that leads to a stabilization of the intestinal flora and support zootechnical performance of the host animals. The products are based on the spore-forming probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis and the highly effective lactic bacteria strain Enterococcus faecium for efficient and sustainable livestock production.


The new effervescent tablet makes the application of probiotic solutions easier that ever. The fizzy tab rapidly dissolves when applied to drinking water or liquid feed due to its unique composition. The active substances are homogeneously and rapidly distributed in the fluid.


Probiotics are key elements of feeding concepts in livestock and poultry production as they have regulatory and stabilizing function in the intestines.


Bacillus subtilis based probiotics appear to be an effective alternative to the use of in-feed antibiotics. Supplementing with spore-forming B. subtilis promotes a beneficial microbiota, and enhances the digestion of nutrients, leading to an improvement in feed conversion and growth. Bacillus species are convincingly resisting chemical and physical stress due to the formation of endospores creating an optimal environment for lactobacilli which positively influences the local immune response.

Synergistic effects occur when B. subtilis is combined with other product from our feed additive portfolio


Result of an ex vivo fermentation study in intestinal fluids of broiler chickens clearly indicate that B. subtilis spores germinate and proliferate in broiler intestine, with the most efficient growth in the ileum.

An in vivo trial investigated the potential of MAXIBIOS on pathogenic properties. For example, a zone of inhibition experiment essay clearly demonstrated the susceptibility of different pathogens towards the probiotic. Examples of the growth inhibition zones are shown in F1. B. subtilis strain exhibited a clear spectrum of antagonistic activity and showed a strong potent growth inhibition of Clostridium perfringens and Escherichia coli.


Many trials and research studies demonstrate the positive effects of our highly effective lactic acid bacteria strain Enterococcus faecium (DSM* 7134). With the aim to determine the influence of MAXLAC on diarrhea and respiratory infections, the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen conducted a study with 80 calves divided into two groups. The probiotic application significantly reduced the average number of days calves experienced diarrhea and respiratory infections compared to the control, as shown in F2.