Reagents, Chemicals, and Labware


Diverse solvents line-up and specifications for complex applications.


Acid components, stored in an ISO-compliant storage unit, for foods, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and metal treatment

Salt Solutions

Reliable and high-quality salt solution to various industries

Buffer Solutions

Buffer solutions for calibration and reactions control, depending on the clients specifications, for the pharmaceuticals, food, and textiles industries


Materials used in manufacturing detergents, textiles, paper, chemical processing, petroleum products, and bleach


Important tools from Merck Millipore for research in food, medicine, and agriculture


Membrane systems that solve a wide array of purification and separation challenges and industrial pre-treatment needs

Staining Solutions

CE certified and IVD-registered staining solutions to ensure comprehensive quality in ready-to-use format and prevents contact with dry dyes

Brix Certipur® standards

First-class sucrose calibration standards usable for all brands and types of refractometers

Chemical Spill Kit

Clean-up kits for chemical or liquid spills in the laboratory


Materials, depending on client specifications, used for the protection of moisture and oxygen sensitive products


An essential liquid detergent for the laboratory needs

MultiScreen® Filter Plates

High-throughput filtration materials with automated workstations

Stericup® Filter Units

Vacuum filtration systems for processing and storing up to 1000 mL