Tips & Tricks to Navigate Disinfection Control in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Disinfection control is a key part of food and beverage manufacturing. It involves several steps: selecting an appropriate disinfectant, checking that disinfection was successful, and making sure that there are no contaminating residues remaining after it is complete. Chemical residues are especially important to monitor as their presence may cause adverse health effects or affect

HAMBURG Trading Corp. awarded as Merck Life Science PH 2022 Business Partner of the Year

HAMBURG Trading Corporation reached a significant milestone on January 20, 2023, by being honored as Merck Inc.’s, Business Partner of the Year for 2022 at the Taal Vista Hotel. Chairman, Mr. Horst Kessler Von Sprengeisen; accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Pacita Kessler von Sprengeisen, Company President, Ms. Lenie Bermudez, Senior Business Unit Head, Mr. Rainer

Why trust HAMBURG Trading Corp. with your laboratory instruments?

As food manufacturers, we are continually faced with the critical duty of ensuring the SAFETY and QUALITY of our products. Given the current market conditions and social media exposure, our customers are more critical, knowledgeable and would demand the highest standard possible from our products.   Merck Inc. and HAMBURG Trading Corp. remains committed to

Extended: MAS-100N® Air Sampler Promo

Everyone in the Research and Development field would agree that laboratories should be clean at all times. This is why, aside on surfaces, microbiological testing in the air is a vital part of any laboratory’s operations. Micro-organisms in the air can be suspended for a certain period of time and might contaminate vulnerable manufacturing operations,

MVP Icon: A Luminometer Validated by SGS Philippines

There are a number of accepted luminometers in the market today. But what if there’s a luminometer that as effective as others and gives you five uses in just one device? Now validated by SGS Philippines, a recognized leader in 3rd party testing, Merck‘s MVP Icon™ proved its effectivity on different surfaces – stainless steel, vinyl, plastic, and corroded surfaces. Results yielded similar